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Trinity Richardson

Helping Horse & Owner "Magna Wave has brought back my rodeo horse after [...]

Another happy customer

"Mac is a 20+yr show horse that recently went through a tornado in [...]

Brittany Updike

"This time last year at FL NBHA State was Whinny's first Magna Wave [...]

Mark Molther

"I, Mark Molther, the owner of Three Pines Farm in Parker, Colorado have [...]

Discovered the Suspensory Tear

I started working on this horse the day the trainer discovered the suspensory [...]

Tammy Peterson

Keeps Competing "I use Magna Wave on my older Amateur Owner jumper and [...]

Audrey Safford and Bean

"Bean is a well bred Haflinger mare that lost the ability to sweat [...]

Jody Murray

Foundered 32 Year Old Arabian Mare I have worked on many horses that [...]

Becky and Bob Locke

Can’t Say Enough "I cannot say enough positive statements about the Magna Wave [...]

Lee Doran Thornton

Recovering and Overall Fitness "3 months ago my Russian Trakhener came in from [...]